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29 Jul 2017

Basic Boat Care Goes a Long Way


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Posted By Fernando R.

If you really love boating and water sports, then you may be lucky enough to own your own boat. Taking good care of that boat is very important. Good care and maintenance enhances the life of a boat and saves a lot of money too. The following are some basic boat care tips: - The boat engine should be flushed each time after it's used in salt water. - The underneath of the boat should be washed to prevent salt buildup. - The entire boat should be washed using soap and water, after each use. - A non-skid cleaner should be used to scrub the deck. - The boat should be completely dried after washing. - The boat should be covered properly with a boat cover. - The boat should be waxed every few months to protect the finish from stains and UV damage. - Boat parts and accessories should be checked regularly, and defective parts should be replaced. A boat cover is a particularly important accessory. When your boat is not in use, a cover will keep it protected from harsh weather and wearing. People use various boat covers and boat tops to protect their boats. Custom boat covers, bimini tops and canvas boat covers are some quite commonly used covers. If you pay attention to these basic maintenance items, then the overall maintenance of your boat will actually remain a relatively simple task, and you will enjoy your boat for years to come.


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