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17 Aug 2017

'Taking a Chance' Fly Fishing New Zealand

Taking a Chance is a half hour look at a wilderness trip with a difference - a look into uncharted territory, where only maps and Google Earth have given us ...

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5 Aug 2017

FALL RUN by Todd Moen - Steelhead Fly Fishing

"Fall Run" is the ultimate Pacific Northwest steelhead fly fishing adventure. This is the true story every angler dreams about retelling around the campfire ...

4 Aug 2017

FLY TV - Mountain Brownies - Fly Fishing for Big Brown Trout

In this episode of FLY TV, Niklaus Bauer and Daniel Bergman travel with helicopter far out to the Ammarnäs mountains together with their guide Ulf Johansson ...

15 Aug 2017

FLY TV - Sight Fishing Big Sea Trout in a Small River

In this episode of FLY TV we join Steffan Jensen from Fly-Dressing and Vision on a fishing trip to a small river that Steffan proclaims holds really big sea ...

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25 Jul 2017

Obsession - Fly Fishing for Big Brown Trout in Oregon

We spent over five months filming and fishing for these trout to produce this film; researching and patterning them, trying to target large, predatory fish. ...

8 Aug 2017

WILD & CLEAR - Fishing Montana's Backcountry

Please watch in HD, be patient it may take a few minutes longer*** There's a reason for the saying "Montana, The Last Best Place." Whether it's true or no...

30 Jul 2017

The Humblefisherman - Flyfishing for "Glacial Bull Trout"

It is a long difficult trek into the plunge pool of the Glacial Bull Trout. The Humblefisherman (Jay Jones) joins Jake Markham for an unforgettable fly fishi...

25 Jul 2017

Strobel Lake by Todd Moen - Argentina Fly Fishing

Click Here To Subscribe â–» Stroble - Camera & Edit by Todd Moen For this and more go to Special thanks to ...

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4 Aug 2017

'It's all part of the story' Fly Fishing New Zealand.

Come along on a late season overnight guided trip with Dane Kresten Ovesen. A few 'hitches' along the way mean a rough start for the big fella but some quali...

2 Aug 2017

What We Can Learn From Competitive Fly Fishing

This video outlines some of the gear and techniques used by competitive fly fisherman that might also benefit everyday anglers.

3 Aug 2017

Fly Fishing for Large Brown Trout in the Smokies in the Fall

Ian & Charity Rutter discuss fall fly fishing in the Great Smoky Mountains for large wild brown trout.

9 Aug 2017

Walking Man by Todd Moen - Bahamas Fly Fishing

Click Here To Subscribe â–» Camera and Edit by Todd Moen T-Motion Theater -- Walking Man Date filmed -- April 2011 Location -- Andros ...